By: Kalman Chodakiewitz

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“A Designer’s Guide To Brainstorms That Are Actually Useful” -Eli Woolery of Invision
August 9, 2017

Reblog of Eli Woolery’s article in Co.Design. “The Apollo 13 Mission Control team faced a huge number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles…

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whiteboard wall
Whiteboard – The secret startup weapon behind Google Ventures’ relentless growth
May 4, 2017

As kids we are reared to find the whiteboard as something used for specific assignments, to be used when you’re…

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Social Media Image Sizes 2017
The 2017 Bootstrapper’s Guide for Social Media Image Sizes and Backgrounds
April 19, 2017

Dear Beloved Bootstrappers! We found this post by Jamie Spencer on the wonderful world of the web, too too useful not…

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Start-up team of three young hipster guys in modern office collaborating
Stop Wasting Time with Elaborate UX Tests
March 28, 2017

There was a time when hardly anyone took user experience designers seriously. User interface designers loathed the idea that there would…

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young businessman standing on the edge and looking down
Designer Anchors: 5 Big Ways to Avoid Your Old UI Perfectionist Pitfalls while UXing in 2017
January 18, 2017

There’s undoubtedly something mesmerizing about perfectionists. We celebrate achievements of people like Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Serena Williams and…

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Cheerful female photo artist is drawing sketches with joy. She is standing near the table and smiling
How to Set Up the Ultimate Design Studio at Home for the Price of an Ikea Mattress
December 21, 2016

There was never a better time to start a home design studio than now. According to some reports, as much as…

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The ux santa
December 2, 2016

Tell “Santa” aka his bootstrapper elves here 😉 why YOU deserve a free UX stencil package! We at the north pole…

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ux proto compress-min
UX prototyping: 5 tools for people who“can’t draw”
October 20, 2016

On UX prototyping, I always am hearing this pushback from developers and PMs on sharing their ideas through doodles and mockups….

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8 sex tips to heat up your startup creativity
September 4, 2016

1. Plan it in your calendar On startup creativity and sex: Do you want to pencil in your partner for a…

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crazy balloon startup
How did startupland turn into Disneyland?
September 4, 2016

People are quickly learning that the gratification you get from the ping-pong tables and cold brew on tap can erode just…

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