Designers are creative people, which mean you have to think outside of the box when it comes to the gift ideas for them. There are some cool new gadgets and accessories that they would love to get their hands on. We’ve created a list of some of the most awesome for you to consider.

laurenz-kleinheider-481670-unsplashSmartphone Cover

Your favorite designer shouldn’t be left with a boring phone case like everyone else has. Instead, think about the fun and creative covers that are out there. Consider choosing one that has a little extra padding so that a smartphone is protected if it breaks. You may also want to use a site like where you can customize a design for them.

3D Pen

Some art is meant to be 3-dimensional. Rather than having a designer create everything on paper or on a computer screen, help them think outside of the box. A 3D pen has plastic inside that allows them to create figurines using only a pen.

4-Port USB Hub

Designers are always working on their computer. They may plug various things into the side of their laptop to keep working, such as printer ports, a fan, a drawing pad, and more. Choosing a USB hub that plugs in to give them more ports is fun and functional.

Chalkboard Mug

Who doesn’t love drinking a latte or a chai tea while they work? A chalkboard mug allows a designer to mark up their mug with chalk, just as if it were a blackboard. They can personalize it each time they use it because the designs wash away in the dishwasher.

neven-krcmarek-486633-unsplashCookie Cutters

Let your designer have some fun in the kitchen with cookie cutters. Whether they love to bake or not, they may feel compelled to make art in the form of cookies once you give them some fun cookie cutters. Theme them to something that a designer loves, whether it’s letters, Star Wars figurines, or something else.

portable-bluetooth-music-speaker_925xBluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to be able to blast music anywhere. It can connect to a smartphone or laptop in order to provide a backdrop while the designer you know gets to work on their latest project. There are indoor and outdoor models so you can choose accordingly based on where you know your designer loves to get work done.

lenses-1628546_1280iPhone Photography Lenses

Any designer wants to capture art wherever they go. Although the iPhone has a decent camera, it could use some lenses. Olloclip and other companies make wide-angle and fish-eye lenses that connect to the back of the camera on a smartphone.

Wi-Fi Lighting

Philips makes some cool lighting that can be used to decorate a designer’s space. They can control the color with their smartphone to turn it on and off as well as to change the hues with the touch of a button. It could be just what’s needed to spark some new inspiration.

josefa-ndiaz-312261-unsplashNew Stylus

From Streamlight to Wacom, many manufacturers create styluses that are cool to use. Some have lights on top of them while others are ergonomically designed to fit more comfortably in someone’s hand. The designer in your life likely uses a stylus on a regular basis. You can find one that will meet all of their demands – and even provide them with a spare to the one that they use now.

thought-catalog-655495-unsplashCreativity Boards

The whiteboards from Bootstrap Boards are lightweight and come in different sizes. The modular designs make it possible to create endless possibilities if one is creative enough. This is a great way for designers to let their creative energy loose. They can brainstorm new ideas with bright colors and erase any designs that they aren’t 100% in love with.

We know the designer in your life is going to love anything that you get them, especially if it comes from this amazing list. Pick a perfect present to spark their creativity today.