6 Ways Whiteboard Can Increase Productivity in the Modern Workspace

Today’s modern workspace provides its diverse employees a flexible environment and encourages creative thinking. The hybrid workspace gets rid of the typical rigid furnishings and instead embraces open office spaces, beanbags and movable desks. Even the standard whiteboard has gotten a modern twist. No more heavy frames and magnetic whiteboard on wheels in aluminum stands. The contemporary white board is very lightweight and can be simply mounted on walls.

The marker board has become a common fixture in many offices because of its many advantages. It is reusable and the markings last longer compared to dusty chalkboards. It is less susceptible to water, moist and wind, so whatever is written on the board is more likely to last.

In the office, the whiteboard can have numerous uses to increase productivity among employees. Listed below are great ideas to help keep the energy in the modern workplace high and lively with an office whiteboard.

1) Announcement board

A large white board strategically placed in the office hallway, entrance or work area can serve as an official announcement board. No need to write memos or emails for minor, non-urgent, and non-confidential announcements. An announcement board can also hold calendar activities to keep all employees on track with the office event schedules. The best type of board to use for this purpose would be a magnetic whiteboard because it can also hold paper printed documents.

To avoid any conflict, simply establish the board as an official panel. Only authorized officers should be permitted to write on the official whiteboard. Some establishments encase it on a glass frame with lock to avoid any alterations.

2) Lounge board

A great lounge centerpiece idea for the office is a wall-mounted, floor to ceiling marker board for the artists in the workplace. It can be used for whiteboard drawings and calligraphy art. Use multi-colored marker pens for a more tasteful look. Write inspirational and motivational quotes to lift everyone’s mood. And because the whiteboard art can be erased, the drawings can be changed periodically.

The lounge board can also set the ambiance during various yearly events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Year. Simply change the theme of the drawings on various occasions. No need to purchase expensive decorations every year.

3) Brainstorming board

Every active office needs a marker board for brainstorming. Ideas obtained during meetings are best written on whiteboards for everyone to see, instead of simply writing it on paper. It is also easier for everyone else to see any modifications and make comments. With the right moderator, meetings can be very productive with the help of interactive visual aids.

4) Doodle board

A magnetic dry erase board placed in the pantry or any common office area can be a great broadcast board for employee-related announcements. These may include birthday greetings, employee events, invitations, lost-and-found items, or simply daily motivational quotes and affirmations. It can also hold small paper notes and other items.

A small whiteboard placed in every employee’s desk eliminates the need for post-it notes. Whiteboard notes are easier to see and won’t easily get lost. It centers the employees’ attention directly to the board for any important reminders for the day. It can also be used to take notes while on the phone.

On a lighter note, the small board can also be used by employees for doodling. According to Harvard Health Publishing, doodling is a form of art that can relieve psychological distress. It also helps the brain maintain focus and concentration. It can be a more beneficial distraction than cellphones and other digital gadgets. Whiteboard games can also be a great pastime during lunch breaks.

5) Projecting medium

Having an office whiteboard in the conference room can be ideal not just for writing down ideas, but it can also be used as a projecting medium for presentations. Today’s whiteboards can now double as a video display surface for overhead and video projectors. The white surface and glossy material accommodates projected images. Markers can be used to encircle, point out and highlight specific items on the projected images during presentation.

For a more modern take on the marker board, there is an interactive whiteboard now available in the market. It can be a standalone touchscreen or a connectable apparatus. It is also called the smartboard because it can play various types of media and it reacts to the user’s input.

6) Whiteboard Marketing

There are many videos and presentations online done using whiteboard marketing. Apparently, whiteboard drawings are now being used to explain concepts and ideas via sketch animation. It only takes some colored markers, a good script, a talented freehand animation artist, a good quality white board and a camera. The audio recording for the animation comes shortly with the editing of the video.

For the creative workspace, this is a very low cost, but highly imaginative and modern way to make video presentations. For concepts that are difficult to explain to clients, the reliable whiteboard can make things happen.


The functional ideas for whiteboards are endless that’s why it is fast becoming a steady fixture not just in the office but even in homes. It can help maintain an organized workflow in the office and keep everyone working efficiently.

The good news is that, the higher the demand for the whiteboard, the more options there are in the market for lower cost boards. For instance, the lightweight boards offered by Bootstrap Boards cost so much less than the traditional bulky ones. It is so lightweight that even the bigger dimensions can be carried and mounted even by a single person.

When purchasing whiteboards, it is very important to look for durability and not just the cheaper price. Look for good erase-ability, which means that when the markings are erased, the board remains white and less cleaning is required.

Many of the traditional framed and boards on wheels are still out in the market. But for those looking for a more modern take on the white board, a simple search online is all it takes to order and have it delivered in no time.