boot·strap /bo͞otˌstrap/

Verb: Growing your project or company by using or stretching existing resources.

We’re startup dudes with many ideas.

Our projects live within shared environments… Tools like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Trello. All of those are affordable to a budding startup because anyone can start using them for free. The funny thing is, the step most widely used to create the content for all those collaboration tools is writing it all out on a whiteboard, but the cheapest entry to a 4 x 8ft whiteboard is about $250 (not including high shipping costs).
We did find some roll up boards and whiteboard paint for $200 or less but the issue was we were writing on the texture of the wall… bumps and cracks and all. Not to mention the inevitable bubble or two.
It was really weird to us that such a fundamental tool was fundamentally out of reach to everyone. Enter Bootstrap Boards.
It takes 1 person to install all 4 x 8ft of writing space with NO power tools (or any tools for that matter). It’s rigid so you don’t get any wall textures or bubbles. It’s a frameless and modular design so you can expand it as you like. You can set up all 4 panels side by side or break them down into different areas of your workspace. The point here was simply to remove the thought and jump straight into creating and collaborating.

How does the BSB board stick to walls?

A double-coated foam tape that adheres and conforms to a variety of surfaces. Faster, safer, and more versatile than screws or nails, BSB’s adhesive is designed for attaching boards to virtually any smooth wall or surface. Works on most indoor surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth. Made in USA with U.S. and globally sourced materials.

How long does my board last for?

It all depends on how much you use it. Even with heavy everyday usage, you can maintain a seamlessly smooth experience when working with our recommended markers and erasing using BSB wipes

How much do Bootstrap Boards weigh?

Inspired by lean Formula One racing, Bootstrap boards were able to be cut down to just 5 pounds per board for optimal performance. That means 8ft x 4ft of Bootstrap Boards are less then half of the leading whiteboard brand of the same size. That means a petit person with no help can quickly mount 4ft x 8ft of whiteboard space without breaking a sweat.

How much is shipping?

We guarantee free shipping to any address within the U.S mainland. We deliver our standard 4ft x 8ft pack of writing surfaces right to your office or home workspace at zero cost to you.

What about shipping costs for big orders, like 10+ orders?

If you order 30 packs of bootstrap boards you will still pay zero for shipping. That’s right, the price you see is the price you pay. we know it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

How much do Bootstrap Boards cost?

Our whole mission focuses on designing white boards to be startup and student friendly. That’s why Bootstrap boards are priced at $250 less than the next leading brand.  We’re pretty damn proud that we get to help you bootstrap your growth, starting with your whiteboards.