Tell “Santa” aka his bootstrapper elves here 😉 why YOU deserve a free UX stencil package!

We at the north pole of UX Bootstrappers have an oh – so special something from our jolly boss up in the sky ;-). You see, hipster/UXer king of joy – Santa wants to know if you have been naughty or nice to your users. What we’re trying to do here is help you be nicer to your precious users and bring our UX family together for the holidays. How could you say no to that wish!

How to win?

Comment below with 1-2 examples of how you made nice with your users to be considered for the top prize 🙂

Every human centered designer of love gets a prize just for simply commenting with something genuine and helping spread the joy.. so just do it, Nike style – because doing is more rewarding than googling…


The Bootstrap squad