Most regular internet users have come across at least one video where a hand draws concepts onto an imaginary whiteboard while explaining a concept. Businesses are often searching for a handy, clear way to explain the idea of their business. Whiteboard marketing videos are especially good for this kind of content marketing because so many of us have already grown accustomed to learning from a whiteboard.

Whether you use a polished whiteboard set-up with a steady camera or explore online animation, whiteboard marketing videos are helpful for a few simple reasons.

designer-picking-colors-for-website_925xThey Break Down Concepts

Often, you know your business better than your customers can possibly understand it. Breaking down the concepts of what makes your business so special and important is a great way to help customers see your value. The video can set up the problem you’ve set out to solve, getting the viewer invested. Then it can present how your products or services offer options to solve that problem, positioning you as friendly, helpful providers, not as traditional salespeople. Once your customers realize how much your vision as a company is a game changer, they are often excited to get on board and work with you.

contact-us-iphone_925xThey Offer How-To, Useful Content

The search engine rankings are tweaked every once in a while specifically because people try to “game” them to show up high on the results. The reason these tweaks happen is to offer searchers more useful, real content. The nice thing about whiteboard animation videos is that they can be both: good search engine optimization content, while also offering useful content to users. Frequently, people seek out whiteboard animation videos that make it easy to go through a process. This means that your company gains a reputation for bringing real use-value to clients and customers, even when they aren’t currently in the mood to buy from you. This builds brand loyalty that can pay off steadily over time.

video-943568_1280They Require Very Little Video Production

Whiteboard videos are helpful because producing them is quite easy. If you have a camera, some great whiteboard markers, and a high-quality whiteboard surface, you can create a whiteboard video, either with a person in the frame or with just the “hand” that is doing the drawing and writing. Rather than having to set up a studio, work with complex lighting, and focus on the faces of the actors, production is easier with whiteboard videos and can appear professional without a large crew or an intensive editing process. You save money by creating an excellent whiteboard video set-up rather than a middle-of-the-road or lackluster traditional video studio, and the editing time, which is expensive, is cut down tremendously.

They Look Clean and Crisp

Not having a lot of distractions in the frame allows whiteboard animation videos to look clear and clean, offering simple statements written on the board or cute illustrations to make them memorable and easy to use. You won’t want to use complex drawings on the whiteboard unless you speed them up extensively; you’ll be surprised how easily people understand concepts that are drawn with lots of arrows, stick figures, and simple labeled art. The clean and crisp style doesn’t have to be complex to be fun and engaging, which is part of why it is so favored among marketers. As long as you use beautiful whiteboards that wipe completely clean, you can use them for many excellent videos to come.

Marketing through whiteboard animation videos can be simple, beautiful, and helpful to your potential customers. Looking for high-quality whiteboard to create your whiteboard animation videos? Check out Bootstrap Boards for excellent, professional-grade boards.