sex and startups 5

sex and startups

1. Plan it in your calendar

On startup creativity and sex: Do you want to pencil in your partner for a session between 5 and 7pm?  Sounds unsexy, but some articles have recently revealed that planning for an intimate love session shows your partner how important they are to you, and with some smart cooperative planning, you’ll recharge the electrifying creativity in the bedroom. So don’t forget to repurpose this love hack, it just might spice up your startup creativity too ;-). While intimacy is deeply tied to our freedom to follow our curiosity and let our emotional impulses guide our actions, we still need to carve out time to cut through the noise and give that wild untamed startup creativity some space to roar.

2. Switch it up, a little experimenting never bit anyone, too hard…

While discipline is essential to stability, creativity is just the opposite… It’s the flame that’s fueled by change, by new perspectives and experiences. So use discipline to create more opportunities for creativity. There’s nothing hotter than a spontaneous session in a place you won’t expect it like the kitchen counter, but.. it takes practice to earn that level of impulsivity, so don’t sell your creative opportunities short…plan on them. Some startups dedicate a period of time each week  for free flowing thinking and brainstorming. Doing this with your team encourages creativity so that eventually, if the mood strikes to explore an idea, you drop your bags and ride it out. It helps to have paper and whiteboards up in various touch points of your life so that your creative outlet is always within reach.

sex and startups 4

sex and startups


3. Listen to your partners, and prove it.

Just like hot sex, hot creativity demands good listeners and confident commanders. What’s a good listener? Just because you let let someone have 30 uninterrupted seconds as you count down to your turn to talk doesn’t make you a listener, it makes you a faker. You know exactly what I mean if you ever went to a young professionals networking event and someone approached you and said “Hi! How’s it going? What do you?” and after about 30 seconds of you undressing your brain to them they interrupt you with their pitch “ Oh that’s cool, so let me tell you about my company…..” zzzzz yeah not hot.  

sex and startups 3

sex and startups


4. Take command and express yourself

When you find someone you can trust and feel safe with, you have the opportunity to deviate from the routine. If you have the urge to take control, communicate your desire by taking action. don’t always raise your hand until you’re called on. Experiment with being a good listener and also with being a confident commander. So the tricky part about this technique is that you won’t always know how to express your desires. That’s the beauty of great sex and great product development… it’s ok to try new things and learn later that they were only stepping stones into the right direction.

5. Be 100% present

If you get a text while having sex, are you going to look away from your partner to read a message? Then don’t do it in the heat of an intimate brainstorming session. It’s best you form a habit to put your phone on silent when you realize you’re about to ride a wave of creativity. Put a pause on your stressors, and don’t let them be an accomplice to any sexlife killers or collaboration killers.  

6. Take care of body and mind, no joke

Is it hot when your partner has strong coffee breath fuming into your face? Or when your partner lacks energy and talks in monotone? You know the answer. So again treat your collaborators like your lovers. Unhealthy and unhygienic behaviors butcher your sex life and your collaborations. P.S I’m not telling you to have sex with your team! I’m telling to be intimate with them. I’m sorry but if you talk in monotone, and have stanky dragon breath, I won’t be able to give you 100% of my focus. Try products like neurogum to get your energy up without the coffee consequences.  There’s a catch though… if you do something unpleasant once to me, shame on you. If it happens again, then shame me. It’s my duty to express my thoughts and give you feedback. Don’t let 6 months pass and buttload of resentment ferment inside of your bowels. Be vulnerable, have trust in your team and grow together through the thick and thin.  And relax, it’s just sex 😉

sex and startups 2

sex and startups

7. Intimacy trumps climax

This is the same for collaborating on you sexiest ideas.  After your friend mentions nonchalantly some unexpected customer feedback, Feed off the creative passion wafting in the air and if the mood strikes? Scribble on the whiteboard. With the right partners and attitude, sex and product development can both lead to a climax, but intimacy should always be the focus, and not the pressure of the climax.

8. Sex toys: They’re not your enemy and neither are whiteboards and post it notes for Startup Creativity

Don’t be intimidated by products that are designed to add to your intimacy like a couple’s enhancer ring  for doing the naughty or Bootstrapboards for your startup creativity. It’s not only about you, it’s about the relationship ok? In your romantic relationship, introducing a simple accessory like a blindfold can be extremely stimulating. When it comes to collaboration the same tip applies. Try exercises like vision boards and encourage your team to jump to the white boards even if their not sure what idea path they’re about to parkour down. Just knowing that it’s ok to experiment with accessories is huge step towards unrestricted intimacy with your team.

So listen up,

Your startup creativity is just like your sex life.  If you don’t nurture it, your best ideas will be trashed into the LA river memory lane, a place you don’t want to skinny dip in, trust me… You know those those people who boasts about past achievements?  Like the guy who’s always shouting  “ In 2001 I raised 2.5 million …blablabla…very exciting…blabla” yeah, We all know a few… don’t be one them, thanks.

 If you want to have passion and intimacy in your startup endeavors, then be vulnerable, follow a calendar and honestly, be caring to your partners. Now get off your ass and go build some sexy stimulating products.