Bootstrappers! There was never a better time to start a home design studio than now. According to some reports, as much as 40 percent of the workforce will be part of the growing gig economy by 2020. Designers are among those who thrive the most in this new environment, as statistics data created by the Census Bureau clearly indicate.

If the idea of running a business, having the freedom to arrange your own hours and establish a recognized brand appeals to you, don’t wait any longer and set up the ultimate design studio at home using tips outlined in this article. It won’t cost you more than an Ikea mattress—we promise.

A Garage Won’t Do It for Your Studio

Home Office

You may know that Steve Jobs from Apple, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Larry Page from Google, and many other great entrepreneurs and businesses started in garages. The humble garage has even become a symbol of the startup culture. However, you are a designer—not a nerdy tech inventor fueled by the smell of solder fumes, a deadlift-obsessed gym rat, nor a car freak—and your workspace significantly affects your creative performance and psychological well-being.

As a home-based designer, you can arrange your work environment any way you want. If you are short on ideas, let science help you. We know that rooms with rounded, curvy furniture make people happier and that circular seating arrangements make us feel more connected. There’s also Pinterest, where you can find thousands of real-life examples of beautiful work spaces. Remember: great work space ideas are about how effectively you can use the available space, not how much money you spend while furnishing it.

Building Your Digital Toolbox


Before you accept your first freelance gig, make sure to have all the tools that you will need for the job. A high-speed Broadband internet connection is a must, but it also pays off to have the ability to create a hotspot using your cellular data plan, if you have one.

Resist the urge to invest money into new computer hardware; your current laptop or desktop computer is almost always everything you need to get started. Instead, you can reward yourself with a shiny, new gadget once you reach your first milestone.

It’s a great idea to make your computer feel like new. You can reinstall your Windows or Mac OS X operating system, use a cloud backup storage service to protect your work, and make clients the center of your attention with a capable email client.

Let Your Ideas Flow

Light Bulbs

As Alfred Hitchcock put it, “Ideas come from everything.” The problem is we often fail to capture them in time before they fly away from us. Why? Because we seldom have the right tools to do so. You must capture ideas the moment they appear, and you must capture them in their natural form. That’s not something you can do with tools found in your digital toolbox. For this, you need to go analog.

There’s no better analog tool for capturing ideas than a large whiteboard. We know what you’re thinking; “Aren’t whiteboard ridiculously expensive, cumbersome, and ugly?” Regular whiteboards are, yes, but not frameless Bootstrap Boards.

Bootstrap Boards are 20 pounds lighter when compared to regular whiteboards, allowing you to mount them without special tools in under 10 minutes. Because they don’t have any frame, you can seamlessly expand the available surface space simply by mounting another Bootstrap Board next to your original one. Order one today and give it a try. If you don’t like, you can return within 30 days and get your money back.