Imagine a classroom. You probably are seeing in your mind a well-lit room full of desks, with a teacher at the front coordinating lessons. You also probably see some kind of board behind them, with writing across it. Whether it’s a chalkboard or a whiteboard, a large space for a teacher to write on is a near-essential part of any classroom. But why is the board so important? And which is better – a chalkboard, or a whiteboard?

The Whiteboard over the Chalkboard

roman-mager-59976Chalkboards may be part of most depictions of classrooms, however, the whiteboard has many advantages over the chalkboard. For one, chalkboards are messy. A piece of chalk will leave residue on your hands, break if pushed too hard, and can make unpleasant noises if used incorrectly. You also have to clean a chalk eraser after use, or else risk white residue all over your chalkboard. Chalkboards are also more difficult to clean, and will eventually accumulate permanent marks that can’t be erased.

A whiteboard, or dry erase board, does not have these faults. Dry erase markers are difficult to break, leave no dust, and even the most difficult marks can be removed with an alcohol solution. A whiteboard, if cleaned properly, can last longer than a chalkboard.


Nobody likes to sit for hours at a time, but most classes involve students sitting and listening to a lecture, and occasionally writing in a notebook or on worksheets. Unfortunately, all this sitting is detrimental and difficult for students. With whiteboards implemented on the walls of a classroom, students can be given reason to stand up and move around to complete exercises on the dry erase board, rather than sitting at their desk. Not sitting in one place for so long can help students refresh and prevent the boredom and loss of attention that can harm learning.


mia-baker-322558Did you know that large technology companies use whiteboards in their offices? Many people from these companies say that the large, communal writing space helps with brainstorming sessions, announcements, notes, and even recreation, with appropriate whiteboard drawings helping release tension and relieve stress. However, this type of use does not have to be constrained to Silicon Valley. If a class is being assigned papers, why not use a whiteboard to help students tease out ideas and outlines? Why not involve deeper questions in lectures, requiring in-depth thinking and processing of the information, that students can think through on a dry erase board?


Students working on worksheets and in notebooks are ultimately working alone, even if the exercises are all the same. The exercises might come as a stop in the middle of the lesson – lecture, exercise, lecture, exercise. A whiteboard can be used to integrate exercises into the lesson more naturally – having students complete examples or represent ideas from a lecture on the board. For many tactile learners, this can help with retaining information.

Uses of Whiteboards

neonbrand-426918Let’s go back to the classroom we imagined. Most people would put one dry erase board at the front of the class, for the teacher to write out points from an outline on and call students to. This does not have to be the case, however. Whiteboards can be installed across more of the walls of a classroom, giving more space for students to work and brainstorm. A teacher could put different exercises on different boards in different parts of the room, allowing for students to move and get more energized about a lesson.

Whiteboards are not limited to the classroom and office, either. A dry erase board could be installed in the home to organize personal projects, allow brainstorming on a larger and more interactive surface, and to help a family coordinate things such as chores, a schedule, and more. A space to keep short-term ideas is never a bad thing to have.

So, what whiteboard to get? Whiteboards from Bootstrap Boards are light and frameless, allowing for a setups with multiple boards to create one larger board. They are also easy to install, taking one person around ten minutes to set up. With low pricing, Bootstrap Boards are an excellent choice to enrich a classroom, office, home, or whatever space you might want a whiteboard for.