Why Use a Whiteboard?

Whiteboards have become a common fixture in schools, hospitals and offices. These boards make it easy to jot down and modify the ideas that come up during brainstorming sessions. One of the best things about a whiteboard is that it is reusable. The ink markings made using the marker board last longer than markings written with a piece of chalk.

Unlike chalks, whiteboard markers are user-friendly as they don’t produce dust. As such, it is perfect for those who have dust allergies and breathing problems. You can also use whiteboards near dust sensitive equipment without any worries. Here are the other benefits of using whiteboards.

  • Versatile

You can use a whiteboard as a projecting medium when you’re using an overhead projector or video projector. The glass surface helps reflect the projector light, allowing you to make comments and highlight important details on the board using a marker or laser pointer. Whiteboards are also used in classroom discussions, interactive exercises and brainstorming sessions.

You can choose from various white board sizes, so there’s definitely something that fits your needs. Whiteboards help save paper and markers are also available in various colors. A magnetic whiteboard has a magnetic surface that allows you to use the board as a magnetic bulletin board. Just use a magnetic weight to pin up important documents.

  • Easy to Use

Whiteboard markers are easier to use than chalks. The time and pressure required to write on the whiteboard is lesser than what is needed when you need to write on a chalkboard. Whiteboards can also be used to play various games. It allows children to draw or write what they want without you having to worry about cleaning chalk dust or wasting paper.

One of the most popular whiteboard games is Jeopardy. Divide the whiteboard into several rows with various point values and columns for different vocabulary categories. Divide the students into two groups. Each group has to pick a category as well as the points they’d like to play for. You have to ask a question and if their answer is correct, you wipe off the point values from the chart and add it to the group’s tally until all points are erased.

  • Cost-effective

Using whiteboards is more cost-effective than constantly making multiple worksheets and buying and discarding flip-charts. Whiteboards might be expensive, but it will definitely pay off in the long run as you can use the board for a long time.

  • Collaborative

Whiteboards encourage participation. Since many people can use the whiteboard at the same time, it improves response and cooperation. Whiteboards have become important teaching tools that are used by teachers to recognize and reward the efforts of fervent students and to motivate shy and disinterested learners. Teachers can use the whiteboard to improve interaction and concentration inside the classroom.

Just like any other product, whiteboards have their own downsides as well. One of these is that using the wrong kind of marker will leave a permanent mark on the whiteboard. When using a whiteboard, you can’t draw light lines and heavier lines. Interactive whiteboards can also compromise one’s eye health. Staring at the screen of an interactive whiteboard for a long time can strain the eyes.

Despite its disadvantages, whiteboards are still extremely popular today. Its benefits also outweigh its downsides. If you are looking for a whiteboard, you may want to consider the following options:

  • Painted Steel or Aluminum

Painted steel or aluminum boards have a smooth surface, so the markings are easier to erase as well. This is because the surface of painted steel or aluminum boards has multiple layers of coating. The base coat is typically white in color. The other coating is the dry erase component or also called clear performance coating. High quality painted steel or aluminum boards have exceptional dry erase properties. Some of these boards allow the user to clear markings that have been written using a permanent marker.

However, proper care and extreme caution should be taken when using the board as the surface tends to get marks or scratches easily. Painted steel surfaces are magnetic in nature. Painted aluminum surfaces, on the other hand, are non-magnetic and extremely expensive. This kind of whiteboard is usually used as a training board, tracking board or patient information board.

  • Melamine

Melamine whiteboards have a resin-infused paper that is placed over the surface of the board. The surface could either be a particle board or a fiber board. Some of these boards retain the remainder of the erased markings, a phenomenon called ghosting. Others don’t exhibit this phenomenon for a long time. Melamine whiteboards are cheap.

  • Hardcoat Laminate

The performance of hardcoat laminate whiteboards depends on the quantity of resin used on it. Some of these boards are stain-resistant and less porous than other options.

  • Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain enamel whiteboards are extremely durable and don’t get scratches easily. It has a magnetic surface and doesn’t absorb ink from permanent markers. Porcelain enamel whiteboards are easy to clean. You only need a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the board. Most porcelain enamel whiteboards are backed by a lifetime warranty, making them a good option for offices and schools.

Whiteboards also require minimal hardware for it to be used. If you want to fasten a whiteboard onto the wall, then you only need some screws and that’s it. If you are planning to move the board from one place to another, then you can buy a white board easel to make this possible. Just make sure to keep the board at the right height.

How to Choose the Right Whiteboard

Buy a whiteboard from a trustworthy retailer. Read reviews about the quality of boards offered by the retailer and the level of service they provide. You should also know the type of surface and the size you need. Once you have these details and you’ve chosen a few retailers, you can start looking around for the best price. Most online retailers offer discounts, so watch out for these special offers to get the most out of the money that you’d be investing in a whiteboard.