The whiteboard is the modern-day school blackboard. Many schools and learning institutions have already switched to it. Whiteboards are easier to manage and versatile for making visual presentations. The use of a marker pen instead of chalk also comes with less health risks for teachers.

The white board however, is not only limited to the classroom. This multipurpose marker board can be used both commercially and at home.

Dining establishments use it to present menus. Retail stores use it to announce events and promos. The office whiteboard can be used for daily announcements, reminders, presentation and during brainstorming sessions.

Using whiteboard for home is a great improvement idea for those wanting to have a more positive and productive household. There are many benefits to having a whiteboard in the house especially if there are school-aged children around. Here are some great ideas on where to place a whiteboard wall inside the house.

1. Kitchen

A magnetic whiteboard in the kitchen can hold important and urgent stuff – receipts, notes, and grocery lists. Reminders like after-school snacks, chores and taking medicines can be written by mom. Menu for the day or recipes for the week can easily be planned with a whiteboard.

Even a small whiteboard can be used as a calendar to plan dates and schedules. With the kitchen always being the busiest area in the house, the handy white board will surely be the center of activity, next to the refrigerator of course. Kitchen decorating ideas using a white board is all over Pinterest and the end results are beautiful.

Here are some areas in the kitchen where you can place a lightweight white board:

  • Refrigerator
  • Wall near the dining area
  • On the pantry cabinets

    2. Kids’ bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms are not just for sleeping. It can also be a space for studying and enjoying many fun activities kids do to satisfy their playful and creative minds. Installing a frameless whiteboard in the room and providing them colorful markers can help keep kids off gadgets and focus their attention on drawing and art. Plus, it keeps them from drawing crayons on the wall. There are many ideas online for whiteboard art that kids can do to enhance their creative juices.

Doodling for instance, is a form of art that has been proven to relieve psychological distress. According to Harvard Health Publishing, in the article “The thinking benefits of doodling”, a time-limited doodling can help the brain focus and concentrate. Doodling can actually help children activate their brain for optimum functioning.

A small framed board can be used for doodling and drawing. It can also be hanged on the bedroom door to write down assignments, goals and reminders to increase the child’s productivity.

Whiteboards encourages active learning in children. According to Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, a study on chalkboards and whiteboards reveal that when students are presented lessons in PowerPoint presentations and further elaborated on a whiteboards or chalkboard, students tend to ask more questions.

3. Living area

The living area is usually a place for gathering, family activities or simply lying around the couch watching television. This spot however, can be made even more useful with a magnetic dry erase board. Placing a reasonably large-sized board in this area of the house can turn the usual lazy space into an area of endless activities.

A framed dry erase surface board can serve as a versatile wall décor. Quotes, drawings and calligraphy can be drawn and changed periodically to motivate and inspire visitors and family members.

Whiteboard games can also be played such as Pictionary, Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, Dictation Race, Sports Magnet Board, Word Spell, Checkers, and many other games that can be adapted into a white board. These fun activities can be enjoyed especially when friends and relatives come over for special occasions.

If there is a board in the living room area, it can also serve as a great space for brainstorming and sharing ideas. The space will be very functional and spacious.

4. Hallway/Doorway

This is a very practical area to place a small magnetic white board because reminders can be written before heading out the door. If there is anything important that needs to be brought along, or something to do before leaving the house, the board can do the reminding

5. Laundry area

For the practical parent, this is a nice area to list down rules, chores, schedules and other reminders.

6. Garage

For the busy dad who loves to do DIY projects, having a white board inside the garage area can be very helpful and productive. Plans, strategies, materials and things that need to be done can be easily written and organized. Even of the project is left for more than a few days, simply looking at the plan on the board can help get thing back on track.

A whiteboard can be installed with or without a frame. If you’re worried about ruining the wall upon installation, get a lighter and glossier board material like the ones offered by Bootstrap Boards. Aside from the light material and affordability, it can be installed by one person even without the use of power tools. White board sizes can also be customized, whether on an expandable wall, split, or full wall mount.

Old style whiteboards are heavy and bulky. It usually requires drilling a hole on the wall to be installed. The new generation of white boards is so light, (just a little bit thicker than a cardboard) and can be installed by one person without damaging the wall. It can also be placed on other surfaces such as cabinets and doors.

Whiteboards are not just always for work and play. They can also serve as a way to show your loved ones that you care. Leave simple love notes and gentle reminders showing them that they are important. Having these loving and inspiring personal notes around the house written on boards will help give your home a warm ambiance. It will surely lift the mood of everyone living in the house.